This is It! 4 Things that Define My Blog “kelvinsmusings”

Yep, this is it!

Most would say this ought to have been the first thing I wrote when I started my blog 14 months ago.

Funny then that only after more than a year of blogging, I’m finally doing it today!

Now just to be fair to me, I did mention what my blog was about before. This was in my very first post in April 2019.

But looking at that now, I realize it doesn’t really capture fully what my blog is about. Especially not in recent months as my blog content has expanded in its topical diversity.

So perhaps it’s just as well I’ve held back until now. Cos some things just take time to mature, like a good bottle of wine.

And though my blog’s About page sheds some light, there’s still a need to clearly and succinctly present the intent of my blog.

So at least you, my dear reader, will know what you’re in for each time you pay a visit. And, hopefully, you will do so more than once!

So let’s do this, shall we? *grin*

My blog “kelvinsmusings” is all about one dad’s musings on his unfinished journey with:

  1. Autism
    This was what got my blog started.

    You see, I have two boys, currently aged 11 and nine. The youngest was officially diagnosed with moderate autism in December 2017, a month before he turned seven.

    That began a roller-coaster journey for me and my family.

    Since that diagnosis, our family has been thrown into such an emotional tailspin that blogging has become my way to calm me down, piece things together, and figure him out.

    And figure ‘me’ out as well.

    The ‘me’ who is his dad.The ‘me’ who needs to be present for him and his needs.

    The ‘me’ who has absolutely no clue how to do any of that! So this blog has become an important way to process, learn, and share with those like me what I’ve come to know about this life-long disability.

    (Maybe with even those unlike me)

    It has also become a platform to speak out on social inclusivity for people like my son. For me to try and advocate for more grace and understanding from those who don’t understand him. Those who could potentially stand in his way towards leading a normal, productive life in society when I’m long gone.

    So you will see posts about the raw and real challenges I have with him. But also the moments of pure joy and revelation. And a suggestion or two thrown in for good measure, all in the name of awareness and advocacy for inclusion.

  2. Parenting
    I have been a dad for 11 years now.

    It’s not a lot I know. I’m probably a babe in the woods compared to other dads.

    But American writer Flannery O’Connor once opined that anyone who survives childhood has enough information for the rest of his or her life.

    So my childhood and those of my two boys (who are still living theirs in real-time now), mean that I already have three times the amount of info and materials I need to talk about matters close to every parent’s heart!

    But, and this is where I’m going to disappoint some of you, my posts will probably not distill many parenting “hacks” (don’t you just hate this overly-used word?).Hey, I’m a stay at home dad (SAHD) after all, so you would expect me to be true and not the least bit flawless right? Cause that’s what a SAHD (get it? *wink wink*) is like in the dirty day-to-day realities of life.

    In a word? S . A. (H). D!

    Which is where I prefer to be actually. Real and raw. No holds bar.

    So if that too is where you prefer to be, then stay tuned, ok?

  3. Writing
    I have always loved writing.

    Growing up pretty much on my own since my other siblings were much older than me, my constant companion had always been me, myself and my thoughts. It was no surprise then that over the years, keeping journal entries became my way of expressing myself and figuring things out, almost like a self-made therapy session.My writing has also taken on a new drive and purpose in recent times as I began embarking on writing my first book – a memoir of my ongoing journey as a stay home dad searching for my identity and place in society. It’s definitely a work-in-progress, and one with no guaranteed date of publication.

    But the writing process is its own reward. So as long as I have breath, I shall continue writing. Not just the memoir, not just this blog, but any writing opportunities that I can create or that come my way.

    In short: To write is to live!

    Which brings me to my final impetus…

  4. Life
    That little ditty by Des’ree always plays in my head each time I see this word on its own, like some ear worm you can’t dislodge!

    “Life, oh Life, ohhhh Li…fe…oh Life…to doo to too…!” (Preach it sis-tah!)

    And since at least some aspect of “Life” can pretty much be found in any blog post just about anywhere, consider this my fourth thing a catch-all  ‘cheat sheet’.Apologies. Just trying to be honest. And calling out the truth about all my fellow bloggers too. (Aww c’mon you guys, admit it!)

    However, since everyone’s unique, you can at least expect me to give my ‘unique’ take on what life throws at us. The same goes for many bloggers out there too.

    In my case, you’ll likely see posts about Life relating to stuff like:
    current affairs
    social issues
    – art of reading & writing
    – reviews of books, films and maybe the occasional TV series
    teaching & learning
    – justice & society
    faith, hope & love

    All from my perspective of course, but always with a desire to bring forth certain universal truths that will hopefully resonate with you.

    Cos hey, that’s what universal truths ought to do!


That’s it.

Unveiled and unpacked.

The manifesto embedded in my blog name’s subtitle: “A Stay Home Dad’s Raw and Unfinished Journey with Autism, Parenting, Writing & Life”.

Now, on with the show! (If you’re new to my blog, the best place to start would be here)

Oh, wait.

One more thing.

I post every Wednesday & Saturday, around my local time at 8.10 pm (GMT+8).

I mean, if you want to lock it into your planner.

Just saying. *wink*

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