Sharing My Journey

Yesterday I had the platform, though the promised audience of the “right people” didn’t quite materialize.

Maybe cos it was a free event. Maybe it was the fact that it’s the annual Mother’s Day weekend, so lots going on everywhere else. Maybe the rain kept the right people away.

The right people that I’m referring to here were other parents and caregivers like me. The talk I had prepared about my unfinished journey was for them. I also wanted a chance to connect with other parents like me. Walking this journey alone is hard, and getting harder as Caleb grows older.

Would be nice to get to know more people like me who can journey along with me, and I with them.

But for what it’s worth, it was a great first for me (and Caleb, who nearly came up on stage!), and hopefully more opportunities will follow. I definitely want to be able to share my journey with other parents, and basically anyone who would care to listen.

Cos I sincerely believe I have something important to say.

And more people need to hear it.

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