It’s Official: I’m a SAHD!

Yep, my family and I were recently featured in our local daily in an article that talks about dads who are taking the road most others avoid.

News article published on 16 Jun 2019 (Father’s Day) in The Straits Times, Singapore

Officially, my role as a full-time stay-at-home dad (SAHD) started on 28 May 2019, one day after I completed serving my two week’s notice to resign from my last job. But unofficially, I had been a SAHD since as far back as April 2018 when I took on said job, which provided me with locational mobility but sadly also increasingly exacting demands! So it was with much regret that I had to take my leave of it last month. It wasn’t the easiest of decisions, and my decision was probably not too well taken by the bosses. but though they probably disagree, the truth is that I was still the hardest hit, cos I had high hopes of being able to balance between work and caring for Caleb and his brother at home. But with the passing days, weeks and months, it was pretty clear that being physically at home most of the time still doesn’t equate to having the presence of mind (and time) to BE with my kids when they return home from school.

So, what must be done, must be done. No point prolonging the pain for either side. Hence the decision to quit.

The up-side of course is being able to spend more dedicated and focused time with my sons, and in particular with Caleb and his special needs. For that, I’m grateful; also that financially we can make this move as a family for now, although in due course I should seek out some part-time teaching work to supplement the household income.

Trusting God to provide. And also trusting that this decision was right.

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