My Simply Tuesdays

So here’s to a great discovery. A nice windy and quiet place to pray and contemplate. To think about life in general, and my life in particular.

To be recharged and rejuvenated in peace and tranquility. To seek God and be found by Him waiting and wondering just what He has in store for me.

Mornings here at Bishan Stadium. Nice.

With my laptop, handphone, earphones, charger, water and snacks, not to mention a cushion and repellent, I’m good and ready to spend some quality time, some much needed self-care time.

For make no mistake, the struggles of daily living is I dare say just as real for a stay-at-home dad as it is for a career-driven CEO, if not more so. As Emily Freeman aptly puts it, in her aptly-named book “Simply Tuesdays”:

“It’s easy to fight for a cause when the stakes are high: freedom, rights, life or death. It’s way harder to fight for moments; to fight to see meaning on a Tuesday afternoon around the homework table, because at the end of it you don’t have anything to show for it beyond a kid who has a finished math worksheet. And let’s be honest, who cares much about that?!”

There’s no denying that one of my biggest struggles has been to see the value in my seemingly endless innocuous moments with my kids, helping them with homework, playing ball or watching kiddy shows on TV. Since my first job ever, my world has never been more scaled-down than it is now, and I fight to distill the worth of each moment that comes my way.

Again to quote from Emily: “It’s not that I don’t believe the small things are important, it’s that I forget to care about how important they are!” So I need to start to care again, because I’ve been lulled for the longest time by the glitzy glamorous world around me to value only the loudest, largest and loftiest of things, forgetting that everything that truly lasts starts from the truly small and seemingly insignificant.

So here’s praying that these simply Tuesdays will simply recalibrate me once more to focus on God, my family and all that genuinely matters.

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