With my gang outdoors (picture taken at East Coast Park in my country Singapore, 2021)

Greetings! Welcome to kelvinsmusings.com!

I’m Kelvin from sunny Singapore where I live with my lovely wife and two boys, born 2009 and 2011.

In this blog www.kelvinsmusings.com, I muse about…
1. …my unfinished journey as a husband & stay home father of two sons (the youngest with autism),
2. … values I hold dear, like those involving parenting & family
, and how to advocate for them to the wider community,
3. …the ups & downs of my writing life, and
4. …issues dealing with work, education (I teach part-time
), society & life.

(A fuller explanation about my blog’s genesis and purpose can be found here)

If you would like to find more details about me, do check out my first:
1. blog post
2. full-fledged online interview
3. local daily news feature (a free version available here)

I’ve been approached regularly to speak on issues involving fatherhood, family, & society (some arguably controversial!).

I’ve appeared on national broadcaster Mediacorp‘s parenting podcast Hey Mama! (published 26 Oct 2021) and its radio programs
Weekend Life (13 Jun 2021),
Money Mind (13 Feb 2020) &
Night Life (30 Jan 2020)
as well as TV program Talking Point in…
…2015 &

Students from various local educational institutions have also interviewed me for school projects about autism and stay home dads. They include:
> Singapore Polytechnic (June 2020),
> Victoria Junior College (July 2020),
> River Valley High School (Sep 2020),
> Nanyang Technological University‘s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (Sep 2021), and
> Singapore University of Social Sciences or SUSS (Oct 2021)

Since April 2019, I upload a blog post two to three times a week. You can also find my writings in:
1. The Straits Times on
> 20 Mar 2021,
> 19 Oct 2020,
> 6 Nov 2018, and before
2. Todayonline (18 Jun and 3 Apr 2021)
3. SaltAndLight on 27 Jul 2021, for Autism Acceptance Month Apr 2021 and Sep 2020
4. thir.st for Valentines Day 2021 and Father’s Day 2020
5. The New Age Parents

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Thank you, and happy reading!