My Monday Metrical Musings #94

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What the "B's" say of faith THE Brooks recently said:"Faith is sensing a presenceNot buying an argument." THE Buechner once said“Faith is homesickness. A lump in the throat Less a position on Than a movement toward Less a sure thing than a hunch. Faith is waiting.” THE Bible ever said:"Faith is the substance of things … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #94

My Monday Metrical Musings #17


Another Name for Madness There's another name for MadnessWell, more than one actuallyThey all start with the letter MDon't believe me? Wait and see! The first one's called MoneyWhat you use to rent and buySome people worship it dailyNever stopping once to tryAnd see that it's an illusionTo think you can have it allThat Money … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #17