My Monday Metrical Musings #17


Another Name for Madness

There’s another name for Madness
Well, more than one actually
They all start with the letter M
Don’t believe me? Wait and see!

The first one’s called Money
What you use to rent and buy
Some people worship it daily
Never stopping once to try
And see that it’s an illusion
To think you can have it all
That Money will buy happiness
A penthouse on the top floor.

The second’s named Mercedes
Or for some a Mini Cooper
Whatever, I don’t care. For me
It’s all foul-ups, bleeps and bloopers!
Living fast and furious
With the rushing of the wind
You think you’re cool behind the wheel
Even when there’s an accident
Just waitin’!

The third’s called Membership or Mileage
Of the town’s most exclusive club
Or the ultimate sky bed and breakfast
That lets you golf and rub
Shoulders with the rich, richer and richest
Tycoons, celebrities and billionaires
They with their blings and cha-chings
Safe in their precious palaces

Safe from the hungry and lonely
That never go away
How can they when we’re hoarding
Our porcelain pots and wares?
When few of us wanna share
This world simply becomes
Poorer for it.

The fourth’s named…oh heck
You still not catching my ‘drift’?
It’s all just Madness I’m tellin’ ya
We need a seismic shift
If pictures of abject poverty today
Leave you feeling only bored
Then it’s time to get a tune-up
Or a full-on overhaul!

It’s not enough just to say
“I donate to charity”
Our very lifestyles must change
To address this stark disparity
Stop preaching from a lofty high
Like you’re some kindly sage
Get down get dirty get serious
Else this Madness called Materialism
Will never be assuaged!

One thought on “My Monday Metrical Musings #17

  1. Four millennia ago a wise man named Job declared: “In the the thought of one who is at ease, there is contempt for misfortune; it is ready for those whose feet slip.”‘
    Truth neither diminishes or mutates over time.

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