My Monday Metrical Musings #94

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What the “B’s” say of faith

THE Brooks recently said:
“Faith is sensing a presence

Not buying an argument.”

THE Buechner once said
“Faith is homesickness.
A lump in the throat
Less a position on

Than a movement toward
Less a sure thing than a hunch.
Faith is waiting.”

THE Bible ever said:
“Faith is the substance of things
hoped for
The evidence of things

not seen.”

This Boy humbly says:
“Faith is a resolute holding on
To a moment a space
An inner grace
Believing trusting
In its rightful place
Among the “B” greats
Though there’s no visible trace.
And ignoring
What anyone and everyone toxic
Resolving to hold fast
Til we see lives restored at last”

[A tribute post to the passing of Frederick Buechner on 15 Aug, inspired by David Brook’s 18 Aug NYT op-ed]

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