My Monday Metrical Musings #93

unrecognizable man with hands on head

He covers his ears when I burst into tears

There’s something you need
To know about my son
When I burst into tears
He covers his…ears!

Yes that’s right
That’s exactly what he does!
Wouldn’t blame you if you found it odd
I do too even now though I’ve seen it a lot.

But it’s not just my tears
That makes him retreat
It’s anything really
That’s sudden or shrilly.

A thunderclap or
A bursting balloon
The microwave door slamming
Leaving him trembling.

A fighter jet or ten
Pounding the skies
Gives me visions of Top Gun
But he would have none.

And when TV shows
Feature lots of gun fights
Our friend’s hands are pressed
Tight against the sides
Of an already compressed head.

It’s his way of protesting
Against a world that often
Brings chaos to his attention
Raises his levels of tension
Leading at times to altercation
Despite our best intervention.

But I’m praying with time
As he grows older, sturdier
Perhaps his self-regulation
Will kick in with determination.

In the meantime, I’ll
Try not to cry too much
Though I wonder why when I cry
He covers his ears
But not his eyes?

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