My (July) Monday Metrical Musings #90

road travel asphalt perspective

The Looming Divide!

It’s happening
It’s happening
I can literally feel the creep
Settling in!

All he wants now is time with
Toys and screens
Toys and screens
Toys and screens

All I want is time away from
Tests and screens
Texts and screens
Tags and screens

Yet this has been happening
Long before it’s been happening
The looming divide
The fleeting kiss goodnight

My son is drifting away
How oh how do I make him stay?
Or maybe this is necessary
And it’s time we parted ways?!

Parted ways??!!
What am I saying?!
Of course this must not be!
Our kinship must transcend
Our spirits like buzzing bees

Must soar from stem to bud
As we stay true to each one
That our pop/son field of
Love and friendship
Override any hard times
Or differences in our lives

But how o how
Could someone please
Teach me now o c’mon please?
I’m cracking
Like a road
In earthquake territory!

This looming divide
I need to bridge!.

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