My Monday Metrical Musings #32

That Little Boy of Mine

From Writer’s Family Album (2011)

Two eyes that shine so bright
Two lips that kiss good night
Two arms that hold me tight
That Little Boy of Mine!

No one can fully know
How much your arrival meant
Because I love you so
You’re a gift that heaven sent


It was hard in your first year
When you cried and cried and cried
There were times I despaired so much
I thought that I had died

I couldn’t understand
Why milk won’t stay down your throat
You were hard to figure out
Like some cruel cosmic joke

Perhaps it was a warning
Like that traffic sign “Hump Ahead!”
Maybe it was to prepare me
For your special needs and traits


Ten years have now come
Ten years have now gone
Your papa’s love for you
Continues to grow strong

Not a day goes by when I
Don’t stop thanking God for you
I’ve learnt so much about who I am
Because you showed me what’s true

You’re all the world to me
You (still) climb upon my knee
To me, you’ll always be
That Little Boy of Mine!

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