Our first staycation in years!

This week, I’m taking a break from my usual Wednesday posting on Writing and Life.

After four intense weeks of unpacking stuff I’ve learned about writing (from two years and 200 blog posts), I figured hey I’ve earned this break.

Plus, I’m taking my family for our first staycation in years! Given how Covid’s derailed what would have been annual trips abroad for the holidays, this will definitely be a welcome change. Even if it doesn’t require our passports!

Ahhh…the passport.

This year, my country continues to hold second place globally for having the most “powerful” (travel-friendly) passport, just behind Japan.

But so what? It still doesn’t look like we’ll get to use it this year anyway.

Sighhh…to think I had it renewed sometime last year in hopes of…Oh well, it’s like that old saying: What man proposes, God disposes.

In any case, a staycation downtown is at least something.

I just hope they won’t make us do a Covid swab test before checking into the hotel.

Will someone hurry and expedite the mass adoption of alternatives like the breathalyzer, please? Just thinking of having that swab stuck way up my nostrils, reminds me of my hospital stay six years ago. I had to endure the indignities of tubing that went down my nostril to my tummy — and remaining in me overnight!

Wait a minute! What am I doing? I should be focusing on the staycation.

Alright, I’m off.

Catch you next week!

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