My Monday Metrical Musings #56

wood businessman woman connection

Money Woes And just like that Oh it seems so wrongAs I accost the bank teller An afternoon now gone. So much time wastedPursuing the money trailTo find where it all wentLike chasing my own tail! Why can't banking mattersBe kept pure and simpleNo annual or service chargesOr minimum sum limitations? But no of course … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #56

My Monday Metrical Musings #17


Another Name for Madness There's another name for MadnessWell, more than one actuallyThey all start with the letter MDon't believe me? Wait and see! The first one's called MoneyWhat you use to rent and buySome people worship it dailyNever stopping once to tryAnd see that it's an illusionTo think you can have it allThat Money … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #17