My Monday Metrical Musings #16

man carrying baby drawing their foreheads

Autism happens daily

Autism happens daily
It never goes away.
Ten years have passed so
Don’t tell me
It’ll leave.
That you got no right to say.

For I see it
I live it
I breathe it
Every single day.
With my son
His toy road humps
Sprawled on this floor
Or that table
Every which way.

Autism happens daily
It never goes away.
We’re still learning
How it changes him
And us

How meal times last forever
How each night he pulls on diapers
How he daily obsesses over
Irritating GPS-es!
How he loves to stand
Stark naked
And make soap bubbles
During baths
Yet when we scream at him to hurry
All he does is look and smile

How he loves to press his eyes…
(Each time I brush his teeth)
…into my oh-so-tired wrists
To remind me not to seethe!
That I have to go gentle
And not let my anger boil
Knowing his sensory sensitivity
Makes this routine a turmoil

But in the end
I don’t think we
would have it

Autism happens daily
It never goes away
But I pray daily
For my son and I
That we will be

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