“Happy ‘Blog-Day’ to me, it’s my 100th entry!” – Musing My Milestone as I Mark My 100th blog post

Woohoo!! Sweet!!!

I made it.

My 100th blog post!

Unbelievable 100 posts ago…

…Still unbelievable 100 posts later.

Never thought I could come this far since April 20th last year, when I uploaded my first blog post ever.

So as I was pondering how to make this 100th blog post a memorable one, I did what any reasonable blogger would do – I went on an online treasure hunt to find out what others wrote to mark their 100th post.

Surely I thought, that should give me some ideas on what to post, right?

What I discovered was that people would mark this occasion by recalling the very first post they did, or talking about the journey that led to this point. They basically recounted key themes and topics their blogs centre on.

Okay, I thought. No sweat. I can do that.

But somehow, it just didn’t sit right with me. It just didn’t seem to hit the sweet spot.

I didn’t want to bore my readers (nor myself) with yet another walk down memory lane. Not when a snapshot of my blog and its purpose were already well captured in my About page and also in a previous post.

So what then?

After some thought, I realised what it is I wanted to say for this momentous 100th blog post.

For inasmuch as I would like to say how exciting, emancipating, exhilarating and exhausting it has been at various moments of my blogging (as I exposed my raw, vulnerable and often incomplete musings), the one constant thing it has been for me is this.

Blogging has been a gift.

And as with any gift, there has to be a giver.

Photo: Aaron Burden/unsplash

For me, this giver is my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Without His intervention to rescue me from my darkest and most desolate moments since becoming a stay home dad, and taking me into this new phase of my existence, I wouldn’t have been able to write.

Let alone start a blog, and reach this 100th blog post milestone today.

So this is for You Jesus, my “muse”. For all my writings, all my “musings”!

Thank you for lifting me from the miry clay.
For moulding me to this very day.
Showing me there’s always a way.
Giving me a voice so I can say.
Thank you.

I know there are readers who may not share my faith.

No matter. Cos to be honest, there have been so many moments where I find myself unsure of my own rocky and imperfect faith as well!

But that’s cool actually. I don’t mean in the way of being faithless or floundering. Rather it’s about the reality that every faith journey is one of constant transition and transcendence.

An unfinished journey if you will.

For the stuff I write on my blog is all about my raw and unfinished journey in understanding autism, family, writing and life.

And I’m going to take a leap of faith here and say that many of you are also on your own unfinished journeys too. Why else would you be here otherwise?

So if any of my last 99 posts or even this one has struck a chord in you, then please leave a comment and let me know honestly how you feel.

Cos why should you have to journey alone?

Thanks to Jesus, I haven’t been alone on this journey at all. He’s always been with me.

And for that I’m forever grateful.

So here’s to my 100 posts!

And, by His grace, the next 100.

And the next 100.

And the next…

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