My Monday Metrical Musings #71

a person using a sponge in washing car


Daddy’s glad to always be
My darling’s little sponge
To absorb every tear of
Joy or woe
To soak it all in
Letting you uncurl

But son there’s something I must
Tell you
Each time I hold you tight
When you meltdown in anger
Or fright
Part of me dies just a
little each time

As I hug you with
every last fibre of my being
Wishing to take away your
Pains and hurts
I internalise all your anguish
And I realise to my chagrin
That I’m not all that absorbent
Can’t drink it all in

This sponge is perforated
And badly worn out you see
Having succumbed to feelings for far too long
I’m sorry now no more osmosis

Let me take some time off okay?
To squeeze and rinse
Every last old drop away

Then I can begin again
To imbibe
To ingest
So as to help you and I through your next


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