My Monday Metrical Musings #59

baby s feet on brown wicker basket

Best Time December

Best time December
To share Faith
Who will hear
Beyond yuletide cheer?

Best time December
To share Hope
Who will listen
To this reason?

A baby called
Born in manger
Who can tell?

God with us
Someday will show
This broken world
Healings that flow.

Best time December
To share Love
I’m tongue tied
Secrets locked inside.

Best time December
Yet I fear
Not the one
Revealing God’s Son

Best time December
I’m pretty sure
My clumsy verve
Will runneth over!

Best time December!
Bring help please
Courage is needed
For them and
Too for me!

Best time December
Faith Hope Love
To share these
Descended from above

Such incomparable truths
An eternal resurrection
Promising to all
(who will accept)
An everlasting salvation

So I linger
January to November
Is it true?
Best time December
For this world
To know me
To know You?

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