My Monday Metrical Musings #59

baby s feet on brown wicker basket

Best Time December Best time DecemberTo share FaithBut...Who will hearBeyond yuletide cheer? Best time DecemberTo share HopeYet...Who will listenTo this reason? A baby calledE-mma-nuelBorn in mangerWho can tell?God with usSomeday will showThis broken world Healings that flow. Best time DecemberTo share LoveYet...I'm tongue tiedSecrets locked inside. Best time DecemberYet I fearI'm...Not the oneRevealing God's Son … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #59

Why I need Easter to restore hope

Today is Easter Sunday. Every year, I look forward to Easter far more than Christmas. For while the message of Christmas offers hope in the form of the saviour baby Jesus, it is Easter's message of His resurrection that completes the salvation message. It is Easter that ultimately delivers for me what Christmas first promises: … Continue reading Why I need Easter to restore hope