My Monday Metrical Musings #59

baby s feet on brown wicker basket

Best Time December Best time DecemberTo share FaithBut...Who will hearBeyond yuletide cheer? Best time DecemberTo share HopeYet...Who will listenTo this reason? A baby calledE-mma-nuelBorn in mangerWho can tell?God with usSomeday will showThis broken world Healings that flow. Best time DecemberTo share LoveYet...I'm tongue tiedSecrets locked inside. Best time DecemberYet I fearI'm...Not the oneRevealing God's Son … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #59

My Conflicted Christmas & Year End Musings 2021

christmas tree with baubles

It's that time of year again - December. Meaning 2021 is coming to a close. After the crazy we've had these past 20-21 months, you would think we're finally entitled to end this year of 2021 with some yuletide cheer right? Yet here we are again. Another Covid Christmas; with no clear end in sight … Continue reading My Conflicted Christmas & Year End Musings 2021

Thank You “Uncle Ravi” for your legacy

It's been 11 days now since he returned to the Lord. Still, I don't know where to begin to add my meagre voice to the multitudes everywhere, testifying to the goodness of this man; arguably the greatest intellect, evangelist and Christian apologist these past four decades have ever seen: Ravi Zacharias. For the longest time, … Continue reading Thank You “Uncle Ravi” for your legacy

The light “within” us must be greater than the light “upon” us

Recently, a brief discussion arose in my cell group's chat on WhatsApp. It was a controversial issue about certain believers urging churches to stop playing Bethel and Hillsong worship music. Now I usually keep mum when it comes to controversies in Christendom. Not because I’ve no opinions, since I’m known among friends to be a contrarian, one … Continue reading The light “within” us must be greater than the light “upon” us