My Monday Metrical Musings #25

Would you still be my friend?

photo of head bust print artwork
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What goes on in my mind?
The question of the day
Words bumping into each other
That’s what!
Each fighting to hold sway.

A taste
A place
A space
To take the podium.
Hopefully tall
Standing head and shoulders,
Above it all.

Jostling for pole.
Wanting to extol.
To tell what had been told.
Letting stories again

The minute I’m still,
The words barge in.
Taking me to places,
I’ve never been.
But this coagulated mess,
Is part of who I am.
So the question is,
Can you bear it my friend?

If so, take my hand,
And let’s enter into.
This crazy land,
My multiverse of madness.
That’s reserved for,
The privileged few.

For here you’ll finally
What goes on in my head
Just who is this man?
Who stands here before you
Often battered and bruised.
By words outside and in me
Wrestling me til I’m
Black and blue.

Yet they are my constant companions
They know just how I feel
Been with me through thick and thin
The boredom and the thrill
I wouldn’t be who I am without them
And so I’m asking of you
Tho’ often I seem confused

“Would you still be my friend?”

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