My Monday Metrical Musings #25

Would you still be my friend? Photo by meo on What goes on in my mind?The question of the dayWords bumping into each otherThat's what!Each fighting to hold sway. PushingShoving Seeking.A tasteA placeA spaceTo take the podium.Hopefully tallStanding head and shoulders,Above it all. Jostling for pole.Wanting to extol.To tell what had been told.Letting stories … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #25

To write well? Go from “here to there”, small and slow.

Yesterday, while trying to write well (or I should say rewrite well), it finally hit me. I had been agonising over the written drafts for my book for months, to make sense of what I wrote. The various paragraphs and chapters needed a serious re-look. Somehow, despite having followed a carefully mapped-out process and structure, … Continue reading To write well? Go from “here to there”, small and slow.

Zadie Smith on Writing: “It’s a Performance!”

Picture from Yesterday was the official start of our annual Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) happening between Oct 30 and Nov 6. As with most events this year, practically everything in SWF would be conducted online. Now the kick-off event last evening threw up a name that I had heard of but whose work I … Continue reading Zadie Smith on Writing: “It’s a Performance!”