My (November) Monday Metrical Musings #105

macro shot photography of water drops

November Rain Pitter patter pitter patterA constant pommelingpoundingStriking my window pane relentlesslyLike it's determined to barge in This thunderstorm delivers the chillLike the wind that hits my face each time I open the freezerThis rain keeps me awake, coweringThis rain keeps me under the covers My son just jumped into bed with us He hates … Continue reading My (November) Monday Metrical Musings #105

Let the rain bring forth a new song!

Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash It's been like this Since the old year left.Heaven seems in endless tearsAs though bereft Of any notionOf day Or inkling of night.The rain just cometh and comethTo my left And to my right. Why has this new yearBrought down so much Precipitation?It makes me rethinkMy once hopefulAnticipation. That … Continue reading Let the rain bring forth a new song!

How a car accident exposed my ‘inner engine’

BANG!That moment just before impact seemed to almost slow to a crawl, like a slow-motion replay, as I watched in utter jaw-dropping disbelief.The way a spectator at an F1 race would watch as a race car suddenly goes off course and flips.I knew what was about to happen, but I was powerless to stop it … Continue reading How a car accident exposed my ‘inner engine’