Let the rain bring forth a new song!

Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash

It’s been like this
Since the old year left.
Heaven seems in endless tears
As though bereft

Of any notion
Of day
Or inkling of night.
The rain just cometh and cometh
To my left
And to my right.

Why has this new year
Brought down so much
It makes me rethink
My once hopeful

That this new year
Will undo
What the old year
Brought to,
A world that
Had no defence
A little virus pandem.

But which brought us closer
In more ways than one.
Will that continue still
In 2021?

If these unending cloudbursts
Are to fully cleanse
Our world of virus and hate
Bringing recompense

Then rain on I say
Rain On Rain On
Purify our world
And bring forth
A brand new beautiful song!

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