My Monday Metrical Musings #56

wood businessman woman connection

Money Woes

And just like that
Oh it seems so wrong
As I accost the bank teller
An afternoon now gone.

So much time wasted
Pursuing the money trail
To find where it all went
Like chasing my own tail!

Why can’t banking matters
Be kept pure and simple
No annual or service charges
Or minimum sum limitations?

But no of course not!
Why should these
Currency lords
Make things easy for us mortals?
Since it means for them
Having every single cent
And every single dollar
From us withdraw
The winner takes all!

So a word of advice
I hope here to impart
When it comes to the mighty greenback
Know well where each is kept by heart!
But if not then at the very least
Avoid being caught off guard
When another deduction takes place
While another sum from your piggy’s cut!

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