My Monday Metrical Musings #144

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O Singapore Dear Singapore

{Today, I’m happy to feature my firstborn and share a poem he wrote to commemorate our nation’s 58th birthday, happening two days from now. The first time I featured his poetry writing was two years ago. I hope, like me, you can see the progress he’s made and how proud a dad I am!}

O Singapore, dear Singapore
You’ve never looked away
Since the day the lion prince came
Your future never went astray

The port built here, thanks to him
The Queen’s “Eastern Emperor”
Raffles planted the seeds so your leaves will never bleed
Your heart will never wither

But oh the pain, when the Japanese came
Sorrow across the Heartland
Since Operation Sook Ching
You’ve never been the same.

O Singapore, dear Singapore. In 1965
You gained your freedom!
Oh how you’ve never felt so alive!
After all those talks and fights, you could finally lead.

Your Prime Lee, to boost the economy,
Tried with the Tiger to test your chemistry
Too bad two kings can never match
Lee cried as he told the world you had lost a friend,

Could we alone, ever make a comeback?
Nothing could bring you down, you got back (on your feet).
To thrive, rebuild and sustain
You roared all night and day.

Friends you made along the way,
Now your port has blossomed
Death will never take the seeds
Raffles had planted

O Singapore, Dear Singapore
On top of the world once more
A beautiful garden mixed with love and passion
Now my heartland is a first-world heaven.

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  1. This is amazing. Congratulations, Mom and Dad. Fruit like this has been carefully nurtured, but the blossoming comes from within himself.

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