My Monday Metrical Musings #112

silhouette of trees during nighttime


The night we sat
‘neath the starburst sky
And looked upon the world
Cloaked in midnight dark

Everything hovered
Perfectly still
As though in freeze frame
Like a window sill

We gazed, amazed
Up at that vast celestial cloak
And wondered if it was the same one
That fateful night angels awoke

The one that birthed a holy baby
Wrapped in hasty cloths
The little king who cooed and sighed
In a dingy, musty barn

The One who would
Forever change the course of lives
The God-man who would one day
Cleanse this broken world’s strifes

With heavenly, royal blood
Spilled on a Romanesque tree
A sacrifice that would forever
Set our sordid mankind free

Yes we wondered that night
If it’s the very same sky
As we usher in a new year
And to the old say
“Auld Lang Syne!”

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