My Monday Metrical Musings #111

Be wild or bewildered

Who knew jet lag could trigger
A pang
A longing to return home
Who knew he would bewilder
Or was it a prank
A way to befuddle us?

On Day 3 while lunching at Taco Bell
He panicked on seeing its “liberty bell”
The dangling rope ‘neath promising a free toll
For any itchy-fingered customer
Our friend bolted out the door
Fingers firmly in ears!

On his guest pillow that night
Embroidered in bold
Two words — Be Wild
Yet he was anything but
He was timid, nervous
Anything but the adventurous, courageous C
We knew he could be
When we named him

This trip though seems to have come too late
Our friend did nothing thus far but hesitate
At every suggestion, every twist, every turn
Down to where he wants to lay his pretty head
Not on the attached room’s bed
But where mommy and daddy slept

And all the while he just
Wants to return home
When we’ve barely begun
To get this show on the road

The one respite was on Day 4
When the nonstop downpour
Washed away our outdoor cycling plans
Leaving us trapped inside without recompense

Maybe God heard you son
And wanted to give you time to recharge
Maybe God heard you son
And wanted us all to take some time

To wind down and go slow
As all vacations oughta
So we can be wild later
Yet also be bewildered

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