My Monday Metrical Musings #89

woman in desperate and anxiety sitting alone

Why Won’t You Grant Me…?

I want a deep and dreamless sleep
Every night between 11 and six
Yet I’m always up and down
Yep, up and down
Why won’t you grant me sleep?

I want no brain fog or listlessness
Between two and six in the afternoon
Yet I’m comatose and zombie-ish
In those precious productive daylight hours
Why won’t you grant me clarity?

I want to walk for miles and miles
Without my feet hurting
At the parts between my toes and heel
Those parts especially.
Why won’t you grant me Shrek feet?

I want to still have oh pretty please
A full head of hair on top
Yet it’s becoming embarrassingly clear
A “Celestial” is emerging slowly here!
Why won’t you grant me Eternals” locks?

I want to never have headaches
To never need to pop down extra Panadols
Yet I down them almost weekly
Sometimes more than thrice the frequency!
Why won’t you grant me a lighter head?

I want to never have to worry
About my children after I’m gone
Especially my littlest one
Whose mind is too literal
And whose heart’s too pure
Why won’t you grant me that peace?

Yes all of these I ask of Thee
Why oh why won’t you grant me?

One thought on “My Monday Metrical Musings #89

  1. Am not really a poetry guy, but I think poems do it for me when I can get the meaning behind them. This one really does highlight the things that are important in your life, some actionable, others not so. Which also reflect how I see life too. Insomnia was a huge thing for me during one period of my life, but I’m fortunate enough to have been able to ditch it for the past year or so.

    At the same time, I sometimes think problems are what make us. For they show us a direction to head towards.

    Anyway, thanks for this, Kelvin!

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