My Monday Metrical Musings #125

person drowning in water


Shivering but undeterred
by the uncharacteristic artic weather
I plunged
into the chilly waters
I lunged
Only to realize
it’s never been done
Or rather I’ve never been this

By the slap
The sting
The punch
The plunge
Into icy depths
I thought I knew well.

I was wrong.

Chest tightens
anxiety heightens
In the space of
one lap
I was sure I’ll
meet my watery

“What to do what to do?!”
I hadn’t a clue
I could only pray and pray
And press down on
my panic state
To try and finish the lap
Before it’s too late

But I couldn’t
I shouldn’t
I mustn’t press on
So I waded stiff
To the side of the pond

And swore I’ll never be so gung-ho again

I’ll wait a week

Then plunge again!

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