My Monday Metrical Musings #79

man sitting on the mountain edge

Writing and Life – forever intertwined

Writing and Life.
That’s what it comes down to
At the end of a hard day.
When everything’s going crazy around me
At least I know
I can come back to this.

My stay
My muse.
My writing.
My everything.

{Well not everything, everything.
I have my God and my family.
One or two friends I reach out to now and then
When I’m in need of another human voice
Outside my Covid-19 confines}

I do wonder though
Who reaches right back?
I suspect I’m not viewed as a reliable friend to count on.
Not that people outside my family will likely
Count on me for things anyway.
What have I after all?
I have no money.
No worldly connections
No networks to pull strings.
Pretty much — nothing!

Any “influence” I have is thanks
To mom, wife and kids.
Through them
I have a voice and
I owe it to them
That I can have that voice heard here
Every now and then.

Funny how life works isn’t it?
You set off with lofty ambitions.
You’re going to make a difference.
Change the world.
Be THE man about town.
Overcome odds you were saddled with
Because of your family background and upbringing.
The kind that saw emotionally-detached parents
Siblings who go about their own lives like you don’t exist.

Writing is what allows me to pour out and unpack my thoughts and struggles.
To seek healing where it might be found.
To ask the divine and hope to hear a glorious sound.
Like angelic choirs in the multitudes above.
Or the multiverses all around.

Writing and life for me is

2 thoughts on “My Monday Metrical Musings #79

  1. how you keep posting these every Monday is beyond me! Great work, keep it up

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes I will strive to keep it up. In some sense it’s mind-slammingly hard but in some sense it’s just like writer Flannery O’ Connor once said: if you’ve lived thru childhood, you have everything you need to write forever! So I’m holding tightly to that belief with every fibre of my being!

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