My Monday Metrical Musings #76

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Why do I write?

Why do I write
These inane diatribes?
Do I think it makes me appear cerebral?
Other-worldly? Multi-capable?
I must be deranged!
Crazy! Insane!
No one reads my musings
No one gives it any time

I wish I could put a stop
No longer these meaningless words to drop
Out of the ether like Jupiter
See I’ve gone off again like some silly whipper-snapper
What was that last line? What does it even mean?
Don’t ask me
I’m just as clueless as can be!

Yet I know inside of me
Lies voices and messages
Things said and unsaid
Swirling in my head

So as silly as I sound
As silly as I continue to sound
I’ll keep churning out these ridiculous lines
In hope someday they’ll be more than mine.

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