My (Apr) Monday Metrical Musings #74

people with umbrellas in rainy city

Warm and Wet

It’s what the weather folks
just said
April’s gonna be all warm
and wet.

Days of hot and dense
thick air
Drenching my tees
in sweat

Each step I take among
tropical trees
Will bathe me in
thick moisture
Leaving me
to wonder…


Born in middle earth
an island
Surrounded by
endless water
endless warmth
endless weather
That never changeth

Air mostly still and
ever tepid
Heavy blanket
never rapid.

What I wouldn’t give for
Longfellow’s rain
Pitter-pattering on my
window pane
Cold, dark and dreary
he says
Cool, under the covers
I say!

Let’s swap for a season
Longfellow my man
My warm and wet
For your cold and dread!

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