My Monday Metrical Musings #62

mother and daughter on grass

Had I a daughter…

Had I a daughter
I would name her “K-Sera
And let her call me “Will-B“.
That would be our nicknames
Because of a melody
From my childhood memory.

Had I a daughter
I’ll learn to braid her hair
We’ll have hours of games
Fun from morn to setting sun.
There’ll be dolls, ice cream
Theme tea parties by the van-loads
Just because we so love them.

Had I a daughter
We’ll binge-watch every sappy movie
Those with Meg and Tom especially.
We’ll be sleepless in Singapore
Telling one another of the new mail we got
Rooting for Joe against every volcano
Just because these films keep us together.

Had I a daughter
She would hug and kiss me
Showing me how much
She loves me and
Soothing my hectic hours away.

Had I a daughter
I’ll hold her close
Wipe away every tear.
Protect her innocence against
This dangerous world
Never allowing anyone to hurt her.


I don’t have a daughter
Though blaming anyone I’m not
What I have are two sons
Which is more than many
So of course I’m grateful.


Every now and then
When they drive me up the wall
I’d ask God why oh why
He chose not to give me a Goldilocks.
In pretty pink frocks.
With coquettish
That flutter every boy’s heart
To absolute distraction!

My boys.
I hope they find such a girl
To marry, bring home
And expand our parenting world.
With my wife we would pamper her
And welcome her lovingly
Cos then we’d have our daughter
A complete poster family.

O had I a daughter
I would daily jump for joy
O had I a daughter
To add to my two boys.

A happier dad I would be!

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