My Monday Metrical Musings #57

woman in brown jacket sitting on brown tree log

Free my guy!

O my every nite
Talking sweet and lookin’ right
But then he turns
And he starts to cry!

Like a hungry alley cat
Or was it more an old raspy guy?

Either way hearing it makes
Even a hero’s courage fly

What’s up my man, what’s up?

You once were a little boy
Who loved to hem and haw
Like a puppy scratching desperately
At your papa’s bedroom door
But I thought that pup long gone
By now
So the question is
Are you new in this town?

Pick yourself up man
Quit kidding around
We need you to grow up
Not pout, whine or frown!

Wait! What’s that?
What did you say?
You never wanted this
From child to adult day?
I’m sorry to hear that pal
But I’m afraid it isn’t swell
To cry and cry and cry
And cry and cry

We all had our turn
Of frolic and fun
But now it’s time to change
From someone to no-one
Merging into every crowd
Just coasting along
Don’t bother to jump
Or break into a Broadway song.

This is the real world mate
One that doesn’t like you to
Hustle is the only currency it knows
So get up boy
And go go go!

O wait a minute!
You’re really…me!
In that case…


Won’t someone please
Liberate and
Free my guy?

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