My Monday Metrical Musings #53

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I Just Need A Moment (Violin Musing II)

So this is how it feels
When a dream dies.
A dream I never knew
Was all mine.
Had I known
I would have given it back.
Returned it like a dog-eared library book
Or an old shoe to its rack.

But we strolled into this dream together
Didn’t we?
We didn’t force feed or threaten you
Did we?
And if you decide unilaterally
After (now) seven years
You don’t want it,
Why couldn’t you have warned me
Or let me down gently?

But it’s fine, move on
I’ll be okay.
I just need to sit awhile by myself
To sew up the loose ends
Of my ripped-up heart.
That never knew it had
Built up
Such hopes such dreams
In dazzling concert brilliance.
Only to see now
The curtain call
The curtain fall
So definitively

I just need a moment
To dam my reservoir
Before it tidal-waves out
In every wrong direction.
Sweeping me like a tsunami
From my secret aspirations.

To a new world
Of your four-string lute
That used to make me weep
With every bow you pulled.

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