My Monday Metrical Musings #47

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For All of Humankind

When I first started 10 months ago
I really didn’t even know.
How many I could find in me
These metrical musings
1 ?
__2 ?
___3 ?

Yet here I am at #47
Well, in fact guess what?
It’s actually 50!
Cos there were 3 I didn’t serialise
They were random thoughts
Of love and

The question now is
How come I
Took oh so long to realise?
That I could weekly string
Words to rhyme.
To figure out the world
And life’s reasons why.

My words were simple
And most certainly amateurish.
Yet they’ve made little old me
That in me I actually have it!

To serve a smorgasbord
Of various themes of life.
In a stanza or three
But more often, many thrive!
These lines will last
Not just for a week.
But I hope they will last
For all my lifetime.

So would you tip the proverbial hat
To this silly old man
Who somehow managed to pull
Random words
And have them expand?
Beyond what alone
They could not possibly muster
But together they prove
There’s strength in a great number!

Or applaud just because, ya know
They sound good together.
That they will sing in your ears
For a week, or even forever?

But even more than just doing that
A social statement I hope they’ve had.
An influence on you dear reader
To pause for a cause.
To picket for better times
Like the good old days of yore.

For all of humankind!
For all of humankind!
Ain’t that reason enough
For me to muse each week
____or (maybe) more

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