My Monday Metrical Musings #28

set of medical protective face masks

“Hey C-19! Why are you still here?”

Just past mid-May now
Coming to the mid-year.
Time to come clean and talk to
The ‘middle of this fear.’

“Hey C-19! Wassup?
Why are you still here?
It’s 2021 now
You’ve overstayed near two years!

For reasons unknown
You seem happy to stay.
Are you sadistic by nature,
Knowing we want you away?

We’ve tried to reason with you
Vaccinating, keeping distant.
Covering up as we venture
These masks now our prison.

Did we miss the message
That brought you to life?
The reason the world
Is enduring this strife?

Tell us now pretty please
Or else disappear.
It’s not hard to tell
We don’t want you here!

We want our lives back
Every moment you took from us.
Or could it actually be
It was us who stole your trust?

Is that why you’re still here
Punishing every country?
Keeping kids from school
And adults in misery?

It’s often been said
That things will get worse,
Before they get better
But you can be the first.

To resist this old saying
And return us our liberty.
Heck it’s been two years
C’mon C-19, leave us be!!”

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