My Monday Metrical Musings #37

sticky notes on board

Lost Words & Phrases Take a few minutesAnd come join meAs I call out words and phrasesThat have lost their meaning. What pray tellAm I speaking of?Why, don't you know?The following beauts of course!These modern-day sonnetsThat shimmer and shineYet are hollow and fakeWorse than swamp and slime!Words and phrases like: "How are you? We were … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #37

Three Strikes and You’re In!

Call it a social experiment but here's what I plan to do in 2020. Or rather what I’m NOT going to do in 2020. I’m NOT going to initiate any meetings or get-togethers with anyone, except maybe BK, BL or KL. Why those? Well one's an old friend of 31 years, single and based in … Continue reading Three Strikes and You’re In!