My Monday Metrical Musings #37

sticky notes on board

Lost Words & Phrases

Take a few minutes
And come join me
As I call out words and phrases
That have lost their meaning.

What pray tell
Am I speaking of?
Why, don’t you know?
The following beauts of course!
These modern-day sonnets
That shimmer and shine
Yet are hollow and fake
Worse than swamp and slime!

Words and phrases like:

“How are you? We were just talking about you.
Wondering where you’d disappeared to.”
“Let’s meet up again and have tea.”
Good to see you, it’s been so long.”
Oh sorry to hear you’re leaving us;
that you’ll soon be gone.”
Don’t hesitate to call us,
We’ll love to hear back from you.”


“This will just take a minute.”
“I’ll let you know as fast as I can.”
Don’t worry my dear,
everything’s under control.”
“There’s more than enough,
We guarantee it!”
“My guys will get that thing to you by next week.”
“Our gang is missing you; hope you’re not sick.”

These modern-day traps
Pepper daily conversations
Causing words to lose their meaning
On more than several occasions!

Why can’t people say what they mean
And mean what they say?
Don’t they know that when you speak
The words uttered never go away?

They linger in the waters
In the hearer’s mental ocean
Like jellyfish and sea turtles
In perpetual endless motion.

Don’t you agree my friends
To help make sense of this fickle world
Words were thus created
So we can have firm anchors?

Yet these horrid mouths
That spew these out like wastes
Threaten to turn us deaf
With their insincere persuades!

They think words once said
Will immediately be forgotten
There’s no need to follow-through
No need for any action.

They’re wrong I tell ya
They’re wrong wrong wrong!
Words are more than mere
Sappy lyrics in a love song.
Words are fully worth
Their weight in gold
We must respect them
Whether we’re young or old.

I hope you’ll join me
To start a revolution
And reclaim back these words
Whose meanings have all but left us.
Let’s show the world how
To use these phrases and words.
To let our “Yes-es” be “Yes-es”
And our “No-ses” be, well, “No-ses”!

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