Conversations for human connections

people silhouette during sunset

June is proving to be the month for human connections for me. Or, more specifically, men-to-men connections. Especially if you go by what happened in the past week when I had not one, not two, but five separate and deep conversations with eight men! Had you told me this would happen a month ago, I … Continue reading Conversations for human connections

Of Cerebral Conversations and Cognitive Connections

I'm always looking for opportunities to spend time with people who stimulate me intellectually. That's something not difficult to do when I was still plugged into my previous full-time lecturing work. There, I had easy access to what I refer to as 'cerebral colleagues' (as opposed to the 'coffee chit chat colleagues'), as well as … Continue reading Of Cerebral Conversations and Cognitive Connections

The “New” me? Or the “Real” me? Bring it on!

Safe to say, surprises and unexpected conversations can happen when you least expect them to. One minute you're feeling lost, the next you're filled with renewed purpose and hope! At least that's what I came away with today when I met an old friend by chance. It happened when I dropped off my son for … Continue reading The “New” me? Or the “Real” me? Bring it on!