My Monday Metrical Musings #150

The Labyrinth On A Hill

[Inspired by my silent retreat here from 13 to 15 Sep 2023]

Dorothy’s yellow brick road it was not
Yet there was no doubting the need to step upon
What was carved out in (yes) yellow
On basketball asphalt
Into an intricate mural that sitteth on the floor
In a convent on a hill
Belonging to a different space and time.

Who knew in this concrete forested nook
On a tiny mound, an open maze-like picture stood
Exposed to the elements
Yet stoic and still
My footsteps
— To tread
— To uncover
— To connect
— To discover
To simply restore, and in so doing

My God
His heart
My heart
I simply thought I was there to momentarily depart
From the cares of my world
To recharge and refuel
But no, my God had more in mind
He wanted to know, do I
Still want Him as my God, my Lord?
Him who created this mysterious world
He asked me point-blank
As I walked the yellow labyrinth

For three days I walked
In a maze
In a daze
Listening to songbirds whose names and voices amaze
Feeling the heat and furnace
Of a perpetual summer day
Turn softly into eventide
And gentle breezes comfort, confide
A weary traveler searching for answers
To the deepest of longings
An insatiable hunger
For what is true, pure and of the Lord
Tell me oh God
Where should I trod?

The answer came
Ever louder with each walk
I undertook
Upon that labyrinth
Upon that hill

Surrender ALL, child
Cease striving, resisting
Hold back no more
But let it ALL go
Abide with me now and take my yoke
You will find reprieve and I in turn will stoke
A new fire in you
One that will refine, renew
Turning you back to me
That’s my speciality
All you need is to trust and obey
Would you do that son?
Would you give me your ALL?

On that labyrinth
On that hill
I’ve walked three days
Always keeping still
To hear His quiet small voice
Echoing deep within
And finally finally
I’ve figured it out

He loves me!
His child
With an undying devotion
He asks in return
That I surrender all
Of my own volition
And though that may take a day or a thousand
He will wait, like that labyrinth

2 thoughts on “My Monday Metrical Musings #150

  1. It certainly sounds as though you had a profound season during these days. May His voice stay clear amidst competing voices. May His love overflow from you, soaking those around you. May His power save you afresh whenever fatigue and discouragement threaten to consume you. Blessings.

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