My Monday Metrical Musings #149

woman holding microphone standing in front of crowd

To Me & My Teachers

Teacher’s Day is here today
This year, it’s on September 11, not September 1
Cos September 1 was our Polling Day
Where we picked our “September” President
(He’s to be our 9th President, get it?! *wink*)

But back to Teacher’s Day

It happens now when I’m in between contracts and classes
Meaning technically I can’t ever celebrate it
Cos I’m not a teacher during this time
What I am instead is on an operating table
(which in point of fact this morning I was!)
Getting my insides checked
Making sure there’s no sleepy hollow
That there are no platelets spilling all over

It’ll be nice if a student or visitor
Brings me the season’s beautiful flowers
But it’s okay you see
I’m not really a teacher
Not the kind worth celebrating anyway
Going by how few ever reach back to say ‘”Cher, how are ya?”
And that helps, really it does
Reminding me I’m just an ordinary mortal
No need for accolades that are fleeting, inconsequential

But I know there are teachers I’ll never think so
The ones who shaped my life in ways they’ll never know
Like Mrs Chua (1977-1981), Ms Yeo (1982), Mrs Jones (1985), and Mr Power (1986)
They gave me life’s best lessons hour after hour
To them, I send a whisper of thanks wherever they are
In hopes they can hear me now
And know they’ll always, always

CEOs, billionaires, they’re a dime a dozen
But no one’s never had a teacher
One who’s helped shape him or her
To the person that we are today

Kudos to all teachers
You’re our nightmare but also our Saviour
May our lives reflect your impact on us
In a way that moves mountains
Slay mammoths with mighty tusks
Scaling new heights and unchartered waters
So we’ll make our mark both in the here
And hereafter

Happy Teacher’s Day!

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