My Monday Metrical Musings #143

man performing on stage

Concerts Now Let Loose!

The stage is set
The loudspeakers are booming
The time is here
The audience is jumping

Ready to rock hard
And dance all night
Pulsating rhythms taking flight
Shouting Screaming Singing Sounding
Hoarse Off-tune Lucid Lurid

They don’t really care
Just want to swear
At top of lungs
Having endless manic fun
Handphone torchlights beaming satellites
Faces shining endless delight

All this is familiar
Yet alien as well
Been a while now
Since concerts could sell
The pandemic confined us
Causing pent-ups so now
Time to let loose

On this old town
Make noise remove frowns
Replace with lots of
Smiles that bursts skies
Chases off grey clouds
Momentarily letting us forget
Our daily grinding drudge
Concerts now let loose

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