My Monday Metrical Musings #138

man in black hoodie sitting on bench near green trees

A Thought Occurred To Me Today

A thought occurred to me today
Well, several actually
I figured I better pen them down
Or lose my revelry.

For thoughts can bombard
Like military drones overhead
They hit and hit then evaporate
Leaving mental shrapnels in their wake.

So here are some of those thoughts
Well one in particular comes to mind
It came to me as I was alone
(My thoughts do that sometimes)

This world we live in won’t last past noon
The time will come when we’ll be gone too soon
As we say farewell we will make room
For the next world of inhabitants.

When teachers age yet students do not
It ties the teacher’s heart into a Gordian knot
To see our wards look eternally trim and taut
While our cheeks droop and our hair falls off.

Time never seems to slow down much
Its tendrils like wind on our faces lightly touch
The only way to pause it is to hold it like a grudge
And stare into each fleeting moment unwavering.

Thoughts like church bells ringing in the hills
They call us, cajole us, promise friendly frills
But the second you hesitate they disappear
And you’re left cold, naked, without a cheer.

I could go on but I’m sure you’ll agree
That’s enough for one day’s amusing revelry
Just remember to hold fast when a thought comes to mind
Or before you know it, they’ll leave you far behind.

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