My Monday Metrical Musings #135

delicious crunchy potato chips

Stay Away From Me Potato Chips!

My bitter-sweet relationship
With potato chips
Started not too long ago
Now I’m still coming to blows with them
And I’m losing my mind, body, and soul!

It’s this ulcer that ulcer in my mouth
That pops up each time I finish a pack
It’s worse now as I’m older
My power to heal so much slower
As I succumb to this heavenly snack

Even my skin seems to itch more
No, don’t say it’s unrelated
And my tummy feels funny
You can’t say that’s unrelated too
How can something so pleasurable as chips
Make me feel afterward so terribly blue

Each crunch satiates my tummy
Then later I start feeling crummy
The stomach ache sends me straight
To the nearest john, I can’t hesitate
What a way to end my cravings!

Who knew that potato chips
Were little tiny alarm clocks
Telling me I’m aging
Who knew that potato chips
Could tell me about my
Ever-dwindling tastes and
My diminishing digestive limits

I wish I had never met them
Wish I had never let them in
O potato chips
Stay away from me
Sea Salt & Vinegar. Sour Cream & Onion.
Truffle. BBQ. Even Original
And those darn Nacho Cheese dips

Stay Away From Me Potato Chips
Stay away.
Don’t bring me further sorrow.
Stay Away From Me Potato Chips
Stay away from me
Starting from…


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