My Monday Metrical Musings #134

boy in white v neck shirt

Mister “No-Need”

Let me introduce to you
The latest member of my family
His name is Mister “No-Need”
Would you like to know who he is?

He’s our youngest who says “No Need”
Every other playful minute
It drives his mom and dad
Completely and totally ballistic

“Would you like to attend drum class, son?”
No Need! Dad, that’s my final reply
“How about we cut your computer game time?”
No Need! Please don’t even try

“Would you take out your homework folder please?”
No Need! It’s the school holidays now Daddy
“May I cancel your TV show time today?”
No Need! It’s my favourite thing Mummy

“Let’s go outdoors for some cycle and basketball!”
No Need! It’s too hot outside now
“Can I give you more rice to fill up your size?”
No Need! I’ve eaten enough chow

“If you don’t tidy up your mess, I’ll confiscate…”
No Need! My toys need to be within reach
“Shall I hide your mess away while you’re asleep, then…
No Need! Also, don’t turn off the light switch

I need to see clearly as I play and play
Or watch my show to my heart’s content

Yesterday. Today. Actually all day every day!
It’s every single kid’s best-laid plan

So mummy, daddy please understand
I only want to play my toys at home

No Need for schoolwork or extra classes
No Need

No Need
No Need

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