My Monday Metrical Musings #133

man beside flat screen television with photos background

Public speaking’s a dread

Standing before them
All I need right now
Some measure of peace, assurance
Not always easily found

I’ve always been timid
Scared of saying something wrong
Believing I’m not good enough
Embarrassed to be seen too long

For if they get to know me
Surely they’ll see all my flaws
I can’t let them think less of me
So I retreat to the lower floors

Let others rise above me
Yeah let them go ahead
I’ll just stay put where I am
Public speaking’s such a dread

And yet…

There’s a part of me that longs
to say what’s on my mind
that I believe the world should hear
and maybe believe it divine?

To hear the applause the accolades
And have my head swell just for a sec
Just for a moment the world’s my stage
As I enthrall them with my charismatic verbiage


No, I’d much rather stay in my shell
Let others more eager take the cred
The limelight-seekers with teeth pearly-white
Public speaking’s not for them a dread

Just for folks like me

Too bad

One thought on “My Monday Metrical Musings #133

  1. Weirdly enough, as an introvert, I’ve found public speaking so much easier than making small talk with a group of strangers. Or worse, one-on-one. Maybe it’s because crowds don’t typically speak back. Or maybe I like the limelight, lol.

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