My Monday Metrical Musings #132

young man in sleepwear suffering from headache in morning

Back Pain = Aging

Hey you, Back Pain
Yes you, Back Strain
Since when did I give you permission
To invade my life without remission?

So many moments you’ve disrupted
My smooth and easy living
Leaving me literally flat on my back
Unable to be swinging or carrying

My children or my furniture
My luggage or my optimistic future
Now there’s only fearful anticipation
For your next silent but deadly invasion

What can I do to see you off?
Where can I give you a permanent send-off?
Am I destined to keep company with the likes of you?
From morning to night, unable even the lightest of tasks to do?

While my wife and kids must do the heavy-lifting
As I watch helplessly, quietly hoping
That no stranger sees and starts a-mocking
At the useless man in the house languishing.

Oh, cruel Aging you’re my ultimate bane!
Hiding behind Back Pain and Back Strain
I know you! I see you! I feel you daily creeping
You’re out to rob my youth and leave me debilitating

But I shall not stop finding ways to defeat you
I won’t rest til I’m off my back and making it through
Every pain you inflict, like a heavy straitjacket
Slammed hard into my waist and sore aching back.

I will survive I will survive
No better yet, I will most certainly thrive
But right now, Aging I beg you pretty please
Get Back Pain and Back Strain far away from me!

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