My Monday Metrical Musings #131

man in white shirt writing on a paper

Words FROM me are words FOR me

I’ve been asking myself where all my muses have gone
It feels like I’m all alone now, no rhyme / sign / song
The how when what who where or why
I’m still posting these horrible meaningless lines
That are sounding to me less and less, well, fine.

It’s as if I’ve lost my grasp on my lexicon my words
I’ve used up all my ideas even all my hurts
Them that used to guide my marvelous expositions
Now, I’m hopelessly lost with no GPS directions.

Or maybe I’m falling again into that ole trap
Of thinking my musings must look this way not that
Believing I need to sound like Sylvia Plath
Or Emerson, Whitman, Browning, McGrath.

That my words must fit some four-part harmony
To delight a fickle audience rather than simply satisfy me
I’ve forgotten why I started this wordplay 130 poems ago
So now I must remind myself again.

Now I must restore.

That words FROM me are words FOR me
They’re not for others’ pleasure or the world to admire or envy
My words are mine in whatever form I find
In whatever way I write
Cliche or contrite.

Words FROM me are words FOR me
Not formulas to decipher or some yarn to unravel
So what if the world laughs at me in derision?
Mocks my 131 poems and sniggers at their nonsense.

I’ll tell them what I’m telling myself right here right now
My musings are all for me, not for anyone else!
Doesn’t matter if you don’t understand my
word choices
thematic patterns
melodic dissonances
amateurish constructions.

I will write so long as I have eyes to read them
The words FROM me are words FOR me
Broken, and messy, yet they speak sweetly
Of my poet’s heart that longs to be set free
To pursue what words represent — in a word — purity!

The kind that has spurred me ever since I knew them
Words that express what my mind couldn’t fathom
As soon as they appear on the screen before me
I have, like Archimedes, my Eureka moment.

So don’t try and stop me world
You’re wasting your time
I’ll write what I want to write
Even after I’m blind

Words that are FROM me
Are words that are FOR me
May I never forget

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