My Monday Metrical Musings #129

black and white dartboard

I said I wouldn’t…but I did

I said I wouldn’t
But I did
I’m sorry son
No wonder you’re in a fit!

It never was
My motivation, intent
To harp on grades
To your detriment

You must believe
That’s not my goal
To assess your worth
And injure your soul

I only wanted
To point out
How grades do help
To clarify a doubt

That maybe you need
To put some muster
Into a poorly-scored subject
And be its final master

In no way did I think
It would have made you angrier
And more determined to do better
But not for the reason you desire

You’ve always known
What needs doing
I should trust you more
So please be forgiving

Of your wayward dad
Still juggling with parenting
I promise to be better
Just need more practicing

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